Mainstay Communications is an advanced telecommunications provider offering a wide variety of services across a growing service area of Nebraska.

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P.O. Box 487, 1000 N. Main St.                                                              1008 N. Main St.
Henderson, NE 68371                                                                                 Henderson, NE  68371
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About Our Company

Henderson Cooperative Telephone Company was formed in 1968 when the people of Henderson needed to decide what should be done to continue telephone service to the community and surrounding area as the current equipment was in need of a major upgrade. It is at this time the people decided to establish one organization - a Cooperative, where the shareholders would work together to provide the community with the best telecommunications possible. This organization was given the name The Henderson Cooperative Telephone Company.

The aged magneto crank equipment with an aerial plant was replaced by a modern, all buried cable system with touch tone phones. This was all done with the help of funding from the Rural Electric Administration. Shortly after upgrading the telephone system, the company also began to offer paging and mobile phones.

In 1982, Henderson Cooperative Telephone company diversified by forming Henderson Cable TV, burying cable TV services to the community. Other milestones include a venture, in 1987, with many of the other phone companies in Nebraska, to help provide statewide cellular service.

The conversion to digital switching occurred in 1988 when it purchased a DMS-10 system from Northern Telecom. Fiber optic toll facilities were put in at the same time to enhance the connections.

In 1993, TRI-Rural TV was formed to provide digital satellite services to the rural areas of York, Hamilton and Seward counties. Three years later, in 1996, internet services were brought to the local customers with the purchase of routing services, a web server and the formation of

Today the Henderson Cooperative Telephone Company continues to be progressive in the field of telecommunications. The vision continues to build on the insight of its founding fathers. In 1998, we successfully completed a switch upgrade, to offer many of the advanced services the telecommunications industry offers, which includes voicemail and caller ID. The Henderson Cooperative Telephone Company has a goal of providing the community with the best possible services and the latest technology at the lowest possible price. To provide the most advanced services in the surrounding communities, the Henderson Cooperative Telephone Company is doing business as Mainstay Communications effective December 4, 2000, to establish a strong, unified presence in the marketplace.

The company employs 8 employees. The current manager of Mainstay Communications is Matt Friesen. The Board members are: Jim Mestl -President, Gary Steingard -Vice President, Stan Boehr - Secretary, Earl Ediger - Treasurer, Robin Friesen, Harris Peters and Taylor Siebert.